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Women want men to don the apron when it comes to the barbecue





Barbecues are a man's job and it seems Irish women like it that way, a new survey has revealed.

A majority of adults (56pc) believe that tending to the steaks and burgers in the backgarden should be left to men.

And 100pc of women surveyed admitted they would think less of any man who was not able to light a barbecue.

The summer lifestyles survey, commissioned by food retailer Iceland, showed traces of reverse sexism in female expectations that a man wears the barbecue apron.

More than 90pc of people said the man of the house typically ends up tending the barbecue while women prepare complementary dishes.

The survey also revealed that comedian Chris O'Dowd topped the poll (37pc) as the man most Irish women want to have a barbecue with, leaving Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan in second place at 25pc.

Model Georgia Salpa was the 'hottest Irish female' whom men would like to share a steak with at a barbecue.


Some 46pc of people surveyed admitted to barbecuing unusual items, such as kangaroo, popcorn, Mars bars and fruit.

Iceland Ireland launched the survey to announce the introduction of a range of new speciality meat and fish products in its eight Irish stores, including ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo burgers as well as wild boar and apple sausages.

"We were really surprised at some of the statistics in the research on men and women's BBQ habits," said Ron Metcalfe, managing director of Iceland Ireland.

"It's great to see so many Irish people have a passion for cooking and enjoying a BBQ though, despite our unpredictable summer weather.