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Women openly smoke crack cocaine on the bus

TWO women openly smoked illegal drugs on a Dublin Bus in broad daylight while travelling on a prominent and busy route.

The middle-aged women sat at the back of a bus smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine. One woman inhaled the drug as the other lit the substance which was in a bong.

A passenger on the bus filmed the women taking the drugs from three rows away. The incident is thought to have occurred last Wednesday, March 19 at around 3pm.


Dublin Bus told the Herald that they are "investigating this incident to verify if it took place and the exact details."

The bus passed by Rathfarnham church, up the road from the Nutgrove shopping centre, as the women ingested the Class A drug. It is understood the incident took place on the busy 75 route which goes from Tallaght to Dun Laoghaire nearly 40 times a day.

Paddy Cosgrave, local Labour councillor said: "I'm shocked that would happen in the greater Rathfarnham area.

"I would hope that the two people abusing the drugs would be brought to justice along with the dealers who ply this filth," added Mr Cosgrave.

The drug can cause damage and addiction in people who only inhale it passively. Crack cocaine gets its name because as it burns it makes a crackling noise and is usually smoked in a pipe.

Its effects are immediate with the drug hitting the blood stream within two minutes of inhaling. According to the HSE, it causes "huge mood swings" as well as aggression and violence.

"Crack can quickly become both physically and psychologically addictive," said the HSE.

Commenting on anti-social behaviour on their buses, Dublin Bus said that they have a "firm strategy in place to tackle" it. They explained that between five and 10 incidents of stone-throwing occur on Dublin Bus each month.

The company also said that in respect of the number of buses running last year, 1,000, and number of passengers, 115m, "the level of anti-social behaviour is low and has decreased over the last number of years."

The bus company said that each of their vehicles is fitted with eight internal CCTV cameras and two external ones, which they use to increase passenger safety and monitor anti-social behaviour. Dublin Bus say the cameras have proved invaluable in assisting gardai investigate crime, and since their introduction cases of anti-social behaviour and vandalism have decreased.