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Women in fear over YouTube city stalker

A TWISTED stalker has been filming women around the capital and then posting footage on the internet.

YouTube has now been forced to close the account of one dodgy user following the alert.

The unknown culprit was filming the women from behind on places such as Grafton Street.

The camera generally focused on the unsuspecting women's behinds, but on occasion it caught their face, leaving them identifiable.

Video website operator YouTube has now removed the footage, but the case has raised concerns for women.

Woman's Aid director Margaret Martin said it was a "very worrying development".

She said that aid group has been made aware "of this disturbing practice where women are being filmed, unbeknownst to them, and sexually objectified online".

There were 14 videos in all ranging in length from just 17 seconds long to four minutes and 27 seconds.

They were all given distasteful titles and were for a time openly viewable by any internet user. In most cases, it appeared that the women were being followed from a close distance but were totally unaware that somebody was filming them.

A spokesperson for YouTube said that it had moved quickly to remove the offending videos.

"Sadly, as with any form of communication, there is a tiny minority of people who try to break the rules," said the spokesperson.


In one of the longer clips, the secret voyeur follows a young woman for the entire length of Dublin's busiest shopping street.

Initially the footage shows her from behind but the camera also moves in front showing her face.

The anonymous web poster also films a young woman as she is sitting in Connolly Station.

Another clip showed a young mother in a supermarket with her child.

However gardai say that they would have to carry out a full investigation before taking any action.