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Women don't get enough respect -- Katie

KATIE TAYLOR today declared that female athletes never receive the respect they deserve in comparison to their male equivalents.

"Being a female in any sport, whether you are a referee or an athlete, you are always going to be faced with [sexism]," Ms Taylor said.

In spite of her success -- earning the title of World Champion for the last three consecutive years -- she revealed that she and her female counterparts are constantly struggling to be recognised as equals.

"Men are always going to have opinions. It is a man's world, at the end of the day, especially in sport. It is so male-dominated but I don't look too much into it, I just get on with things," she said.

RTE horseracing commentator Tracy Piggott has described the row as "unfortunate" but added "these things happen".

And Sky Sports News presenter Rachel Wyse (26) has declined to comment on the ongoing sexism scandal in the British station.

In a previous interview with the Herald, however, the Kildare native opened up about working in a male-dominated environment.

The former showjumper said she became accustomed to carving out a niche in the testosterone-fuelled sport, which stood to her when she first started on motoring show Xcelerate.

"The main thing people focused on was 'can she actually drive?' and wondered what I was bringing to the job," she said.