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Women are cleverer than men, says research

Women are cleverer than men, according to a recent report.

The conclusion was drawn following a five month online contest between the sexes conducted in nine languages and based on the popular board game Trivial Pursuit.

During the competition more than 15 million questions were asked and although the balance of power shifted consistently from the start of the competition in October last year the female of the species narrowly clinched victory.

Women answered 4,088,139 questions correctly, compared to the 4,077,596 right answers given by men.

It would take an individual more than 3,500 non-stop days or 9 years, 215 days, 8 hours and 24 minutes to answer the same number of questions when playing the board game which was first launched in 1982.

While the question category is selected by the roll of the die in the board game online players were able to select the question area that appealed to their "inner genius".

The most popular overall category was Entertainment, followed by Science & Nature, Sports and Leisure, History, Arts & Literature, Geography and finally People & Places.

Women were strongest when answering questions from Entertainment. They answered twice as many from the category, traditionally characterised as pink, as men with 56.8pc of answers given correctly.

Their next favourite question area was Science & Nature of which 54.4pc of answers were right. People & Places presented the greatest challenge with just 41.7pc of questions provided with the right answer.

The best categories for the men were Science & Nature (57pc accuracy), Entertainment (56.7pc). They answered twice as many questions on Sports & Leisure as women with a 54.8pc success rate. Their weakest subject areas were Geography and People & Places with only 49.9pc of questions answered correctly for each.

"The online Trivial Pursuit Battle of the Sexes experiment invited people worldwide to compete for the ultimate bragging rights - to be a member of the smartest team," said Katreena Lines, Global Senior Marketing Manager. "The online experience invited everyone to show off their inner genius, by answering 1, 10 or 100 questions a day, in support of their team. Our congratulations to the women who fought hard for the win."

Last Friday men were briefly in the lead before being beaten in the final stages by women.

The next battle planned is between the generations - between the under 30s and the over the 30s. It will begin in mid-March 2010 at http://www.trivialpursuitexperiment.com.

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