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Women are better drivers...but we always knew that

It was a gem of an exchange. "I'm taking the bus because my driver's licence was revoked", screamed Sandra Bullock to Keanu Reeves.

"What for?" "Speeding" she yells as she goes into movie history as the coolest woman ever to drive a bus over a fifty-foot gap while holding a safe speed of just over 50mph.

The makers of the blockbuster Speed knew what some people are only beginning to cop onto: women are far safer drivers than men.

Why? Because they listen to feedback and learn from experts.


Sandra Bullock was told she couldn't go below 50mph - so she didn't and all the people on the bus were saved.

Mark that down lads - a lady driver saved the day.

There is a reason why over 80pc of fatal and serious car accidents are caused by men.

Actually there are quite a few: higher testosterone, higher propensity for risk and higher levels of aggression.

Oh, and the fact that they always think they know best.

This week researchers at TCD confirmed what all women knew already, when they revealed a road safety study showing that 80pc of women aged between 17 and 22 improved their driving after receiving feedback, compared with only 20pc of men.

Using black box technology they also showed that training had a longer lasting effect on women - we must have better memories, too.

The blokes you see, thought they knew it all along, and therefore decided there was nothing they could possibly learn.

Which is cutely typical of their macho egos but unfortunately this charming pig-headedness can prove lethal when they take a car onto the road.


Why is the rule of the macho road, "thou shalt not pass" even when the car beeping you behind is a Porsche 911 and you're in a micro mini?

Why do men use ETA's (estimated time of arrival) as a challenge to be beaten, rather than a sensible time-keeping prediction?

What lunacy is it that takes over the male brain behind a steering wheel?

And they say women are the irrational ones?