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Woman's life in danger after jailed Hutch mobster wrote her a letter


Kinahan gangster Liam Roe.

Kinahan gangster Liam Roe.

Kinahan gangster Liam Roe.

A Dublin woman has been warned that her life is under threat after a senior Hutch gang member sent her a letter from behind bars, the Herald can reveal.

Several days ago, the woman was given a Garda Information Message - also known as a GIM form - which is issued to an individual when gardai believe that there is a serious risk to that person's life. She was previously associated with the criminal but was also connected to Kinahan cartel mobster Liam Roe.

She is the latest woman to be warned that her life is under threat as a result of the Hutch/Kinahan feud, with dozens of innocent female relatives and girlfriends of the feuding mobsters being at risk over the past two years.

Gardai do not believe that this woman is involved in criminality linked to the ongoing feud but that she had been in a relationship with a feuding criminal.

The Hutch mobster linked to the latest threat being issued has also survived previous attempts on his life by the Kinahan cartel as part of the ongoing feud. In recent weeks the thug, who is in his 30s and currently in a Dublin jail, wrote to the woman, who is originally from the south inner city.

However, the letter was intercepted by Irish Prison Service members after going through a censorship process, before authorities were alerted.


The prison's Operational Support Group reviewed the contents of the letter before a decision was made to immediately contact gardai.

As a result, officers officially warned the woman last week that her life was at risk.

Sources have said that the decision to give the woman a GIM form was a direct result of the letter written by the senior Hutch mobster.

"The woman was served with papers on February 23, on the back of this letter.

"She never received the letter because it was intercepted by prison officers, but its contents deemed that there was a credible threat on this woman's life," the source said.

The dangerous Hutch mobster who penned the offending article has been connected to the organised crime group for more than a decade and has survived attempts on his life as part of the deadly gangland dispute which has so far claimed 15 lives.

A close female associate of this man has also been arrested by gardai investigating serious offences linked to the Hutch/Kinahan feud. Following the outbreak of the deadly feud, more than 50 women were identified as having links to the disputing factions.


A number of females were in relationships with the feuding criminals while the list also included innocent relatives.

Among the women who gardai established are linked to the Hutch mob are the mother and girlfriend of one of the suspected Regency Hotel gunmen. He is believed to have been one of the criminals disguised as a garda and armed with an AK-47 assault weapon.