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Woman's body taken from water at Port

The body of a young woman was taken from the water at Dublin Port this morning.

A boat leaving the port spotted the person floating lifeless in the water beside a pier shortly before 8am and notified the authorities.

The young woman's body was spotted at Terminal 1 of the ferry port at the entrance to Dublin Bay, and recovered by Dublin Fire Brigade a short time later.

The incident was initially reported as a child being seen in the water but although there was no identification found with the woman sources have said she appeared to have been in her early to mid 20s.

"There were no signs of trauma or injury to the body, and at the moment it looks like the lady died as a result of an accidental fall or a personal tragedy," the source said.

post mortem

Emergency service personnel transported the body up the River Liffey concealed from view in plastic sheeting where it was removed at the Dublin Fire Brigade river rescue launch site near the Convention Centre.

The body was then taken to the City Morgue where a post mortem was expected to be carried out later today to establish a cause and time of death.

The woman was fully clothed, and was wearing runners.

Gardai are now trying to establish her identity.

There was no indication prior to the post mortem as to how long the young woman had been in the water.