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Woman viciously beaten by a gang wielding hurleys

A 29-year-old woman required hospital treatment after she was savagely beaten by a gang of hurl-wielding thugs.

The Herald has learned that the culprits stormed a north Dublin house that she was in after accusing her of having an affair with a man.

The violent incident unfolded in the Greencastle area of Coolock when the three-person gang, who are all from the same family, rushed into the house and attacked the woman.


She suffered a number of cuts and bruises in the attack and was beaten with a hurley stick by a woman before gardai were alerted to the situation by a frantic 999 call.

When officers got to the scene, they discovered two women and a man from the same family in the house as well as the victim.

One of the woman was alleging that the victim of the unprovoked attack had been having an affair with a man who is well known to her.

Sources revealed that the situation got more tense when the female victim's father arrived in an agitated state but gardai eventually calmed the situation down.

The victim was then brought to Beaumont Hospital but she refused to make a complaint about what had happened at the house.

No arrests were made in relation to the violent incident which unfolded at 7.50pm last Thursday.

The Herald can reveal that some of the three people who were involved in storming the house are linked to a dangerous Coolock-based gang who are believed to be involved in pipe bomb attacks and aggravated burglaries.

Sources say that the young woman who was targeted is a "decent lady" and there is nothing to suggest that she was having an affair with the man she was accused of being with.

However, some of the mob that targeted her are connected to a violent local gang who have been making crude pipe bombs for use in localised gangland feuds.


Some of their associates are suspects of a number of pipe bomb incidents including one in which two men were hospitalised earlier this year when a bomb exploded in a garden.

They have connections with a number of Traveller gangs across the country - including the mob which was led by slain brothers Tommy and John Paul Joyce.

The Coolock crime brothers were murdered just seven months apart.

Tommy (20) was gunned down at his family's halting site at Grove Lane in Coolock, Dublin, on the evening of June 17, 2009.

John Paul Joyce (30) was last seen alive on the night of Thursday, January 7, 2010.

His body was found two days later in a flooded ditch near Dublin Airport - he had also been shot.

It is believed that he had been lured from a house near Darndale on the premise of selling a car but was subsequently abducted, shot in the head and his body dumped close to the airport.