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Woman took drugs into jail

A WOMAN who brought a controlled drug into a Dublin jail 'was put under pressure to do so', a court heard.

Martina Dempsey (26), of Oak Court, Royal Oak in Santry, brought three packets of diazepam, with a street value of €300, into Wheatfield Prison with the intention of leaving them for someone else.

The defendant admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to placing a controlled drug in a prison on September 7 last.

Garda Marcella Shanahan said Dempsey was visiting a prisoner when she was caught with the drugs.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell fined her €200.

Smugglers fire pot in cannon

SMUGGLERS used a cannon to fire ¤32,500 worth of marijuana over the border from Mexico into the US.

US authorities say 33 cans of marijuana -- weighing a total of 38.5kg -- were found in a field where the Colorado River crosses the US-Mexico border.

They believe the cans were launched about 152m using a pneumatic-powered cannon.

Agents also recovered a carbon dioxide tank.

1,500 elephant tusks seized

SOME 1,500 elephant tusks have been seized in a $20m (¤15m) shipment believed to have been bound for China.

Inspectors at Port Klang harbour in Malaysia found 24 tons of unprocessed tusks in secret compartments in containers of timber, customs official Azis Yacub said.

He added that the shipment originated from Togo and sailed to Spain, where it was transferred to another ship before arriving in Malaysia.

No arrests have been made.

Peppermint porkers on sale

A SWEET with a twist is on sale this Christmas --

pig-shaped hard candies with little metal hammers to smash them.

Mike Fitzgerald, who owns Saratoga Sweets in Saragtoa Town, New York, will make about 130,000 of the pigs, which mimic an old tradition and are said to be good luck.

The peppermint porkers resemble the pig that was on the Christmas dinner table which the father would wrap in a napkin and crack with the steel rod used to sharpen knives.