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Woman tested for Ebola in city health scare

A WOMAN rushed to hospital today has been cleared of having the Ebola virus.

The adult was taken to the isolation unit at the Mater Hospital after emergency services were called to an apartment in Tyrellstown this morning.

She had displayed Ebola-type symptoms and is believed to have recently returned to Ireland from an African country.

However following tests, Ebola has been ruled out.

A HSE spokesman told the Herald that the patient was considered a low risk for the Ebola virus but this has now been ruled out.

"The HSE must, and does, take each Ebola scenario seriously no matter how low the risk. All appropriate infection control procedures are being taken by all relevant healthcare personnel," the HSE spokesman said.

"The patient is receiving appropriate treatment at the Mater Hospital. HSE public health protocols have been, and are being put in place," the spokesman said.

There are no known cases of Ebola in Ireland and the HSE says the overall risk of a case of Ebola being brought into in Ireland is low.

"The HSE welcomes the fact that the World Health Organisation has removed Nigeria from the list of Ebola affected countries.


"If a case is confirmed in Ireland, the primary concerns will be treatment of the patient and containing the situation. An important concern is maintaining medical confidentiality and supporting the patient's family and identifying any possible contacts," the HSE said.

"Should any case of Ebola virus be confirmed in Ireland, a statement will be issued. This statement would be released in the event that a diagnosis is confirmed and necessary controls have been put in place.

"In the meantime, the HSE has an overriding responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any patients presenting with symptoms that are similar to those of Ebola and is obliged not to comment on individual cases."

The HSE's Health Protection Surveillance Centre is producing up-to-date information on Ebola for the public and health professionals at www.hspc.ie.