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Woman settles case over hotel jacuzzi claims


Grainne Weldon

Grainne Weldon

Grainne Weldon

A WOMAN who claimed she slipped on excess water as she walked from a jacuzzi to a shower in a hotel leisure centre has settled her High Court action for damages.

Grainne Weldon (51) told the court she came "down with a thump on her two knees" after she slipped at in the Sheldon Park Hotel, Kylemore Road, Dublin.

"The pain was horrific", she said.

Ms Weldon, Cremona Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin, sued Arcourt Ltd, trading as Sheldon Park Hotel as a result of the accident on July 2, 2010.

She claimed there was an alleged failure to warn her of a danger of which the defendant knew, or ought reasonably to have known. She also alleged failure to avert a foreseeable danger.

Arcourt denied the claims and contended she failed to take care when getting out of the jacuzzi or to heed warning signs or to wear appropriate non-slip footwear.

The case began yesterday before Mr Justice Sean Ryan but, following Ms Weldon's evidence, the judge was told the case had been settled and could be struck out.

Ms Weldon, a social support worker with Dublin Simon, said on the day of the accident she had just bought a year's membership of the hotel leisure club.

She had gone there with her sisters and she and has spent about 15 minutes in the jacuzzi. She was going to the shower before entering the sauna when she said she slipped.


She said there were no staff around after the accident.

"I remember water over my toes. There was so much excess water on the floor."

She was very embarrassed but reported to the front desk what had happened.

She said that she later had to have surgery to her knees and still has ongoing pain and a problem with one of knees going from under her.

Asked if there were any warning signs in the area, Ms Weldon said there were not.

After her accident signs saying "caution wet area" and advising users to wear appropriate non slip footwear were put up, she said.