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Woman punched off-duty garda she spotted in pub


Erica Gould

Erica Gould

Erica Gould

A woman punched an off-duty female garda in the face when she saw her out socialising in a Dublin pub, a court heard.

Erica Gould (28), who had a "problem with authority figures", hit the officer in one of six assaults on four gardai last year.

Judge Michael Walsh adjourned her case at Dublin District Court for a pre-sentence probation report.

Gould, of Kilmacud Road Lower, Stillorgan, pleaded guilty to assault and public order charges.

Sgt Niall Gillooly told the court that two female gardai were off-duty in O'Donoghue's pub in Merrion Row at 11.40pm last May 21.

The accused ran inside and hit one of the gardai with a punch to the side of the face. She spat at the other.

At Harcourt Street last December 1, she threw a bottle at a garda and tried to scrape his face.

On May 23, she assaulted a garda by spitting directly into her face then kicked her in the stomach.

She also smashed the front windscreen of a patrol car for no reason.

Gould had 69 previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Daniel Hanahoe said Gould "seemed to have difficulty with authority figures, particularly the gardai", when she had alcohol taken.

Judge Walsh said some of the assaults were "particularly nasty and vicious".