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Woman 'lucky not to lose eye' after election poster gashes her forehead


The woman suffered a two-inch gash to her head

The woman suffered a two-inch gash to her head

The woman suffered a two-inch gash to her head

A young woman was "lucky not to lose an eye" after a General Election poster came loose and cut her just above her forehead.

The woman, who wanted only to be identified as Maria, suffered a two-inch gash as a result of the accident.

The Clondalkin native was walking along the Firhouse Road near the Old Mill in South Dublin shortly before midday yesterday when a poster belonging to local Fine Gael councillor, Karen Warren, stuck her from above.

The heavy corrugated plastic board, measuring 48 inches by 32 inches, sliced deep into the young woman's hairline. She was left with a bloody two-inch injury as a result.

"She's lucky she didn't lose an eye," said a close friend. "Had it been a little bit lower, she wouldn't just be getting stitches now."

Maria was taken in an ambulance to Tallaght Hospital, were she was treated for the nasty head wound. She was released a short time later.


"All Maria was doing was walking along down the Firhouse Road when the poster came down and cut her head," the friend continued.

"A lot of her clothes were ruined too, because of the amount of blood that came out.

"It's just very upsetting, because people should be more aware when they're putting these posters up."

Ms Warren, a Fine Gael councillor and General Election candidate for Dublin South-West, said she was aware of the incident and would be passing the young woman's details on to her party's insurance company.

"We've been out every second day fixing posters and trying to keep them as safe as possible but, unfortunately, awful things like this can happen," she said.

"It's terrible - to be honest, it has left me very shocked. That poor girl."

Ms Warren said that her team were very careful to secure the election posters when putting them up.

"We only had someone out yesterday tightening up the posters," she added.

Ms Warren said that she would support a ban on election posters, as she doesn't see the overall benefit.


"I'd be happy if they banned posters altogether. They're awful things," she added.

"If they have to go up, it should only be in certain places… and also with limits on how many each candidate is allowed.

"I would fully support a ban."