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Woman left terrified by phone theft, court hears

A DUBLIN teenager has denied robbing a woman who was left too frightened to walk home from work after she was mugged for her iPhone.

The 17-year-old boy pleaded not guilty yesterday to robbing her at Buckingham Street Lower, in the north inner city Dublin on July 11.

Judge Bryan Smyth remanded the teenager on continuing bail until his trial at the Dublin Children's Court in January.

Earlier, Garda Eoin Treacy had told the court that for years the woman had walked along Buckingham Street Lower, every day to get to and from work.

Outlining the allegations against the boy, he had said, "the accused ran up behind the injured party, who was on her iPhone at the time".

"He struck her on her right ear with a closed fist and snatched the phone," it was also alleged. Garda Treacy had said the woman did not suffer physical injuries but "is now in fear of walking that route from work as she has done for the last three years".

"Now she has to drive to work," he had also added during a preliminary hearing last month to determine the venue for the boy's trial.

Yesterday the teenager, who is taking part in a training course, was also fined €100 for a breach of the peace offence.

Judge Smyth adjourned sentencing him for theft of a moped on August 15 last year until a date in January.


The court heard that the boy had a cannabis problem, however, defence solicitor Michelle Finan said that the teenager is no longer abusing the drug.

The judge noted that a probation report on the youth was "not very positive". The youth had not undergone drug testing, which had been arranged for him by the Probation and Welfare Service. Judge Smyth said he had wasted their time when it was "in his own interest to get it done".

As conditions of bail he must obey an 11pm to 8am curfew, abstain from alcohol and drugs, and sign on twice weekly at Store Street Garda Station, in Dublin city centre.