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Woman kept 1915 explosive in her garage

A GARDA station had to be evacuated after an elderly woman handed in a 100-year-old explosive device she found during a clear-out of her garage.

The incident at the station in Trim is the second time in a month that an explosive device has caused the evacuation of a Garda station.

The latest drama unfolded at 10pm on Thursday night when the elderly resident walked into the Co Meath station with the artillery shell which dates back to 1915.

It's believed she was aware she had the live round but had forgotten about it until discovering it in the clear-out of her home.


Gardai immediately moved the device to the station carpark and cordoned off a section of nearby Castle Street while waiting for the Army Bomb Disposal experts.

Army experts removed the device for examination and expected it to be destroyed this afternoon.

Although the anti-tank ammunition was "quite degraded and corroded", it still contained explosive content, according to Commandant Sean O'Fatharta

"The device was a 10-inch long artillery sell which would have been placed in cannons to fire at tanks or vehicles in 1915 or 1916. This type of ammunition was used by the army here until the 1930s," he said.

"Although the risk was probably slim, the device was unstruck and still contained explosive content."

Comdt O'Fatharta warned people who find such devices "not to take anything for granted".

"If you come across any device and you have any concerns, don't move it and contact the gardai immediately," he said.

The incident in Trim followed a case in Cork that also forced the evacuation of a garda station.

Army bomb disposal experts were called to Togher Garda Station when a member of the public arrived at the station with a suspect device.

The householder had been mistakenly targeted and unwittingly pushed the device 200 metres to the station in a pram.

Detectives believe the pipe bomb was placed in the rear garden of a house as part of a major escalation in a feud.

The innocent man appeared to be totally unaware of the dangers posed.