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Woman jumps from first -floor window to escape blaze at pub


Fire damage to Nealon’s pub in Skerries (INM)

Fire damage to Nealon’s pub in Skerries (INM)

Fire damage to Nealon’s pub in Skerries (INM)

A woman who jumped from an upstairs window of a pub to escape a fire in a laneway below needed medical treatment for her injuries.

The blaze broke out in a passageway beside Nealon's pub on Church Street, Skerries, at about 1.30am yesterday.

It is believed to have started in a bin below where Angela Nealon was, and she quickly jumped from the window to escape the danger.

Neighbours said she had gone to a clinic for treatment but was not badly injured.

"It was absolutely terrible," said neighbour and eyewitness Nuala Hand.


"I was in bed asleep and the next thing I heard banging on the window and people shouting to get out.

"The flames were pouring out the gates and the smoke and the smell were shocking.

"Everybody had to get out of their houses and cross the road and the fire engines came then."

Neighbours were yesterday rallying around to help clean up the mess and the smoke damage to adjoining properties.

Four units of the fire brigade fought the blaze which at one stage threatened a gas line.

Nealon's is one of the most popular pubs in Skerries, and the owners hope to re-open as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, three units of Dublin Fire Brigade were called to put out a dishwasher fire in Beaumont.

The incident, on Wednesday morning, resulted from an electrical fault.

Three units of the brigade attended the scene shortly after 11am.

A spokesman confirmed that everyone in the house was accounted for during the incident.

"Units from North Strand, Kilbarrack and Finglas attended the fire, as well as our Breathing Apparatus team to gain access to the kitchen," he said.

The dishwasher was placed on the house's driveway after the flames were put out and was photographed.

Dublin Fire Brigade has issued safety advice to dishwasher-users, saying such fires are generally the result of a faulty appliance and not the owner's fault.

"Remember, closing a door on a fire starves it of oxygen and prevents smoke from damaging the rest of the house," a spokesman said.

The brigade also recommended to opt for a longer-running, environmentally-friendly programme on the washer.