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Woman held in protection case

A WOMAN has been charged with breaking a protection order at her north Dublin home.

Deirdre Duggan (43) appeared at Dublin District Court accused of breaching a protection order at Templeview Grove, in Clarehall, on October 2.

Evidence of her arrest was furnished to Judge John O'Neill. There was no objection to bail and she was remanded to appear again on November 7 next.

She was ordered as a condition of bail to abide by the protection order set which was set in August.

Elephants get

DiCaprio's help

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is to lead a campaign to save elephants and stop the international ivory trade that threatens them.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said its annual Animal Action campaign would focus this year on the continuing threats to elephants, more than 20 years after the international ban on trading ivory was put in place.

According to IFAW, a failure to tackle poaching in recent years has raised the prospect of extinction in several African countries.

School bans 'rosary' beads

An AMERICAN school district has banned a necklace that looks like a rosary after police told officials it was also being worn by gang members.

Fremont Superintendent Steve Sexton said officers had told Nebraska school leaders the necklace was being used as a symbol of gang affiliation.

Elizabeth Carey (12) said she was told by her principal she could not wear her necklace. Her parents added they are upset that their daughter is not being allowed to express her religious beliefs.

Park executes killer grizzly

A grizzly bear that fatally mauled a hiker in Yellowstone National Park was killed after DNA evidence linked the animal to the scene of a second hiker's death a month later.

The decision to euthanise the 250-pound female bear was carried out to protect park visitors and staff, an official said.