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Woman fired after Facebook 'bitch' boss jibe

A WOMAN has lost her job after insulting her boss on Facebook.

The young woman commented on her site page that her female manager was a "bitch" before she was fired from her position.

Aoife O'Mahony was dismissed from her role as a clerical assistant for PJF Insurances shortly after the director of the firm Liza Fitzgerald came across offensive remarks against her and the company on Ms O'Mahony's Facebook page, which had been left open.

Ms O'Mahony took a legal action against her former employers over the decision, but the Employment Appeals Tribunal ruled that her dismissal had not been unfair.

Appearing at the Tribunal, Ms Fitzgerald and Padraig Fitzgerald, a fellow director at the Kinsale, Co Cork, firm, mentioned that this incident was not the first time they had reprimanded Ms O'Mahony.

They explained that she had previously been called into a meeting because of her "over-exuberant" attitude.

Ms O'Mahony, of Clashmore, Kinsale, Co Cork, was asked on January 14, 2010, to "tone it down" when dealing with the firm's business clients.

A week following this meeting, Ms Fitzgerald said that she had come across Ms O'Mahony's Facebook page which had been left open on a computer screen in the office.

She said that she had been surprised and shocked by the content she read.

Ms O'Mahony was asked to give both directors access to her site when she was called for a disciplinary meeting.

She complied and the two directors read further disparaging comments on the page, which included expletives and one comment describing Ms Fitzgerald as a "bitch".

Ms O'Mahony was at first suspended from her work and continued to receive full pay until the matter was investigated.

She was eventually dismissed later in January as the company directors claimed that there had been a breach of trust and that she had overused the internet to conduct personal matters while at work.