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Woman died from taking pill

THE family of a young woman who died from a blood clot caused by contraceptive pills admitted her death has left them totally devastated.

The comments came as Ray and Angela Hennessy settled a High Court action against the GP of their late daughter, Julie (31), for €125,000.

The action was against Jordanian GP Dr Hassan al Bayyari of Maple Drive, Castleknock, Dublin who was Ms Hennessy's physician before her tragic death on March 22 2007.

Mr Hennessy said the family would never get over their youngest daughter's death.

"Julie was a remarkable young woman -- she worked with an American hedge fund company in Dublin and was headed for great things," Mr Hennessy said.

"She was on stage in the Opera House in Cork when she was just five in The Sound of Music. She even appeared on The Late Late Show. She was so talented and a wonderful person as well."