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Woman claims she was 'duped' into stealing


Mary Maughan

Mary Maughan

Mary Maughan

A CHILDCARE worker has claimed she walked out of a supermarket with a trolley full of groceries after she was duped into doing so by another woman.

Mary Maughan (21) had come to Dublin to attend a family Christening and said she had no intention of stealing anything.

Judge David McHugh ordered Maughan to make a donation to Blanchardstown Hospice and applied the probation act.

The defendant, of Doughiska, Ballybrit, Co Galway, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to stealing groceries and clothing, valued at €591, from Dunnes Stores in Blanchardstown on September 22 last.

Sergeant Maria Callaghan said Maughan and a second woman filled a trolley with groceries and clothing and walked out of the shop.

Sgt Callaghan said Maughan was stopped by security but the second woman ran away.

Defence lawyer Jennifer Jackson said Maughan has never been in trouble before, and was in Dublin to attend a family Christening.

Ms Jackson said the defendant was with another woman and both put items into the trolley.

The defendant claimed she was told to go into the off-licence area by the other woman, and the alarms went off when she did so.

The court heard the other woman then ran away.

Ms Jackson said Maughan, an unemployed childcare worker, had no intention of stealing anything, but accepted her culpability in the theft.