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Woman (89) viciously assaulted during burglary at her home


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

An elderly woman suffered a vicious assault as her home was ransacked by burglars.

The woman, understood to be 92 years of age, was hospitalised after the incident which occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Gardai are now investigating the incident which took place in Bray, Wicklow.

It is understood the lady lived alone in the property.

Gardai confirmedĀ  that the attack and burglary took place in the early hours of September 10.

A spokesperson said the woman had been 'assaulted badly' during the incident.

"She was taken to St Vincent's Hospital and an investigation is currently underway," they said.

Neighbours in the area have expressed their upset and concern for the woman following the attack.