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Woman (21) shot in the neck as gunman fires at family home


Ciara Sheehan has undergone emergency surgery

Ciara Sheehan has undergone emergency surgery

Ciara Sheehan has undergone emergency surgery

A young woman was shot in the neck after a crazed gunman fired at a house in Cork.

The 21-year-old victim - named locally as Ciara Sheehan from Ardcullen, Cork - was rushed to hospital yesterday after the incident at 12am on Sunday.

Gardai believe the attack is linked to a dispute between two members of different families.

It came after a chilling threat was made on Facebook by a man subsequently arrested in connection with the attack.

The young woman is believed to have no role in the dispute linked to the shooting. She underwent emergency surgery at Cork University Hospital yesterday.

She is said to be in a serious but stable condition.

One man (29) and one woman (22) were arrested shortly after the shooting and were being questioned at Gurranabraher and Bridewell Garda Stations in Cork last night.

It is believed the man was previously known to gardai.

Late on Saturday night, he posted on Facebook that he was looking for members of a family from the house that was shot at.


The details of the message cannot be published for legal reasons, but he claimed it was time for a "war" with the other family and another individual.

The shooting took place less than two hours later.

At least one shot was fired at the front of a house in the Hollywood Estate in Knocknaheeney, on the north side of the city.

The bullet hole was visible in the sitting room window yesterday as gardai preserved the scene.

Neighbours and witnesses were unwilling to identify themselves for fear they would be targeted in a retaliation by the arrested man.

However, one witness said her daughter heard at least one gunshot before gardai arrived.

"I was listening to the radio with headphones on, but my daughter came in and told me she had heard a gunshot.

"I thought it was a car backfiring, but then I saw all the blue lights outside and knew something had happened.

"This dispute has been going on a while between two different families."

Gardai spent yesterday examining the scene. They questioned neighbours and combed the area for clues as children as young children played with their parents on the street.

The home has been the target of attacks in the past.

Another neighbour said she was worried about the dispute escalating to this level.

"I heard the shot between 12am and 12.30am. I got out of bed, but only heard one gunshot at the front of the house," she said.

"All the windows were smashed in that house last year.

"The victims are a lovely family, so it is terrible to see this go on," she told the Herald.

"We have been dealing with this for 15 or 16 years, but it has been getting worse and worse for a long time.


"It started off as something small, but now it has escalated. It is very unpredictable and you don't know where you stand.

"Another family has been drawn into it now because she has been shot. It is terrible."

Neighbours said they were sick of tolerating violence in the area that was being perpetrated by a minority of residents.

"People have been attacked out walking and minding their own business," they said.

"Something will have to be done now because it is going on too long and it will go too far."

Local Sinn Fein Councillor Thomas Gould said the community was in shock.

"This is a nice estate, with a lot of young families. People have seen what is happening in Dublin and are worried about a lack of garda resources.

"The guards are overworked, under-resourced and underpaid," he said.


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