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Witness ‘1,000pc sure’ he saw punch before victim fell


Witness Mark Moore. Collins

Witness Mark Moore. Collins

Witness Mark Moore. Collins

A WITNESS has described how he tried to stop a bus driver from seeing the body of a man who was allegedly knocked under his bus in Dawson Street.

Edward Connors (30) is alleged to have punched Eoghan Dudley (28) causing him to go under the bus which crushed his head.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard Mr Connors admits he was at the scene and had contact with the deceased.

However, his defence counsel said that what may appear to be a punch was actually him trying to grab Mr Dudley and stop him going under the bus.

Mr Connors, of no fixed abode and formerly of Bearna Park, Sandyford, has pleaded not guilty to unlawfully killing Eoghan Dudley (28) in Dawson Street on December 6, 2012.

Dublin Bus driver David O’Leary gave evidence that he saw a man fall “straight down” off the path and under the bus.

He told prosecuting counsel Tom O’Connell SC that he thought that the man was unconscious before he hit the ground because he made no effort to break his fall.

Mr O’Leary was a passenger on an out-of-service Dublin Bus which was driving in heavy traffic down Dawson Street. He was directly behind the 145 bus when Mr Dudley went under it.

Mr O’Leary said he saw a man run from the scene and was giving chase when he noticed the driver of the 145 bus getting off.

Mr O’Leary said to the driver: “Don’t go back there, there’s nothing you can do. The chap is dead.”

The trial also heard evidence from Mark Moore, a friend of the accused who was with him at the time of the incident.

Defence counsel Caroline Biggs put it to Mr Moore that her client was trying to grab Mr Dudley to save him from falling under the bus.

Mr Moore said that he was “1,000pc sure” he saw Mr Dudley get a punch from Mr Connors. Ms Biggs asked the witness if heroin might have affected what he saw or what he remembered. He replied that he will never forget what he saw.

He said he took heroin at the time to stop “feeling sick”.

The trial continues.