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Winds gone. . . now it's set to freeze

STOCK up the fire and have your winter warmers at the ready – because temperatures are set to drop below freezing tonight.

Met Eireann says the weekend will be "quite a mixed bag of weather", as it has forecast frost, fog, wind and rain for the coming days.

Temperatures around the capital dropped to below freezing last night and it is expected to plummet to at least -3C tonight.

"Today dawned very cold and frosty, and the ice will clear gradually," said forecaster Pat Clarke.

"It'll be slow to clear, but when it does, it'll bright, cool and sunny.

"But then the frost will set in very quickly once it gets dark again tonight."


There will be a small break in the freezing temperatures and frost towards the end of the weekend, when wind and rain will sweep across the country from the southwest.

Mr Clarke said: "The weather will be quite changeable, and it will be quite blustery on Sunday, with a reasonable amount of rain as well. Tomorrow will be a completely different day from today."

However, the end of the frost won't thaw completely, as the "cold interlude" is expected to continue next week.

"Come Monday it could be frosty," Mr Clarke said.

And he added: "There is a lot of colder weather for next week, so we will have some frosty nights."

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is advising motorists to take particular care on the roads over the weekend, as Met Eireann have forecast widespread frost, ice and fog, creating hazardous driving conditions.

The RSA is advising road-users to look out for "black ice, one of winter's worst hazards", and to "slow down and manoeuvre gently".

It warns: "Check local and national weather forecasts before setting out on a journey. Clear your windows and mirrors before you set out, carry a screen scraper and de-icer.

"Watch out for vulnerable road-users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and allow extra space."