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Wilson's gang 'are plotting revenge'

GANGLAND associates of murdered John Wilson are plotting to avenge his death.

Gardai are aware of threats from the dead criminal's associates to get revenge. Tensions in the capital remain high today, sources revealed.

Dad-of-two John Wilson (35) was shot in the back, after his killer followed him into the hallway of his home at Cloverhill Road, Ballyfermot, minutes after he had collected his daughter from school.

It has now emerged that associates of Wilson -- who are based in the Blanchardstown area -- have been talking about avenging the murder.

A source said: "There has been talk that they will retaliate -- it is being taken seriously but there have been no incidents yet.

"There is no doubt that this crew in Blanchardstown have serious capabilities -- they are being blamed for causing a recent trial to collapse due to the intimidation of witnesses.

"These criminals seem to be following the lead of John's brother Keith, who wrote a letter promising to avenge the murder."

A letter by Keith Wilson -- who is serving life for murder -- was read out at his oldest brother's funeral a fortnight ago in which he wrote his brother was "not a drug dealer or a gunman".

"I promise you, I will make it my mission in life to find out who did this to you," the letter read.

One man is already before the courts in relation to the murder while four other men, including a juvenile, who were questioned about it have been released without charge.

John Wilson had a long history of involvement in organised crime and had previously been convicted of weapons offences.

He was arrested by gardai for a triple shooting in the Players Lounge pub in Fairview in 2010 which left three innocent men seriously injured.