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Wilson alleged mastermind of brutal burglary

A GANGSTER who was cleared of the gruesome murder of a teenage girl last week can now be revealed as the alleged mastermind of one of the most horrific burglaries in recent years.

Gangland thug Alan Wilson (35) was found not guilty by a jury last week of the murder of tragic Marioara Rostas but he went back to prison after the verdict. He is currently serving a seven-year sentence which was imposed for his role in a meat cleaver attack.

Wilson, who is not due for release from jail until May 2018, would be potentially serving even more jail time if he had not had his case dropped because the warrant gardai used to arrest him for the burglary was deemed to be unconstitutional.


However, the constitutional challenge did not apply to his associate Paddy Ryan (50), who admitted in court last week that he was one of four masked raiders who targeted an elderly couple's home and will be sentenced later for charges of assault, threats to kill and theft.

Drug addict grandfather Ryan became close to Wilson after the north inner city criminal began a relationship with a female relative of Wilson's.

Ryan has even shown up at court cases supporting his pal, and sources say that Wilson is the man that a garda referred to in court last week as the "more serious individual" who planned the raid while Ryan was just a "foot soldier".

Gardai describe the aggravated burglary in Templeogue in March, 2010 that Ryan and Wilson were involved in as "barbaric and cruel in the extreme".

Ryan was one of four masked raiders who tied up the victim and his wife, aged in their 70s, beat them and threatened to kill them if they didn't reveal the location of money. A friend, who was on the phone to the man as the raiders burst in the door heard the ordeal and called gardai.


This friend went to the home and interrupted the attack by ringing the doorbell. The gang then smashed his windscreen with a hatchet.

Ryan pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Court last week to assaulting the elderly couple, threats to kill and stealing US$4,000 plus jewellery at Ashfield, Templeogue on February 3, 2010.

He has 38 previous convictions, including nine years in prison for larceny in 1997 and four years for robbery in 1982.

Another member of the burglary gang, Michael Delaney (39) of Inchicore, was described as a "depraved barbarian" by a judge in 2011 when he was jailed for 12 years for his role in the Templeogue crime.

Wilson had also been charged with the burglary when a woollen hat was found in a neighbouring garden and forensic analysis showed traces of his DNA.

However, the DNA sample taken in February, 2010 was obtained under a warrant under Section 29 of the Offences Against the State Act which was later found to be unconstitutional following a Supreme Court ruling.