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Willkommen! Beer on tap as German fans flock to match

THE Germans are coming -- but we're ready with stockloads of beers and more than a few sausages.

Dublin is set for a bailout bonanza of a different sort over the weekend as Angela Merkel's citizens arrive en-masse.

We might be terrified of what they are going to do to Giovanni Trapattoni's depleted troops on Friday but that doesn't mean we won't put on a good party.

The city is extending an Oktoberfest welcome with pubs planning to show them a true slice of Irish hospitality.

The Porterhouse Brewing Company is planning to extend an invitation to the German and the Irish teams to join them after the game to take part in its Oktoberfest festivities, and to wind down after the game.

It will kick off its Oktoberfest tomorrow and it will run until October 25. Draught and bottled beers from all regions of Germany have been specially imported for the occasion.


Promoter Fiona Roche told the Herald that the Porterhouse has brewed another seasonal beer, Porterhouse Dunkel Bier (PHD), a dark larger, especially for the occasion.

"We are also running popular German food on the menu for the duration of the festival. This includes Frikadellen -- large meatballs mixed with onions and herbs -- served over a bed of roasted garlic potatoes with sweet and sour red cabbage, and Eisbein -- a braised ham hock with mashed potatoes -- sauerkraut, German mustard and large sourpickle," she said.

Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture, and to date at the Munich beer festival, which has welcomed more than 850,000 visitors, one million litres of beer have been sold and the equivalent of nine oxen have been consumed.

Tourism Ireland has also been capitalising on the hype surrounding the game by targeting football fans across Germany and encouraging them to visit Ireland next year for 'The Gathering'.

Ads are running on the German football website kicker.de, reaching thousands of fans.