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Will Twink's book reveal the secrets about THAT clash with Linda?

AN EMOTIONAL Twink could be about to dish the dirt on her feud with her former VBF Linda Martin in a 'warts and all' book.

The Herald revealed last week how Twink has fallen out with Linda in a spectacular way.

The panto dames appear to have done irreparable damage to their friendship after they fell out behind the scenes of hit production Menopause The Musical.

So far, Twink -- aka 59-year-old Adele King -- has kept tight-lipped and refrained from giving her side of the story, despite a charged Late Late Show appearance last week.

A close source to Twink has revealed that she is putting the finishing touches to the book, which many hope will contain some interesting gossip, not least about her falling out with 62-year-old Linda.

"People don't realise, but there's a huge amount of history between the two women over the years," he said.

"They are very different people. Twink is a real larger-than-life character and takes over a room as soon as she enters it.

"Linda would be far quieter and more reserved than her, and when they went on tour with Menopause their differences became very obvious.

"There's a lot of water under the bridge between them and a lot of that is expected to come out in Twink's new book."

The stage veteran has pulled out of all public performances until at least September after suffering an asthma attack and breathing difficulties more than three weeks ago.

Her attack came shortly after speaking on The Gerry Ryan Show on April 27, where she sounded disoriented and drowsy during their seven-minute conversation.

The Herald can reveal how she was being lined up for a second interview with the broadcaster to put the record straight, ahead of his tragic death on April 30.

The talented actress is now putting the finishing touches to her autobiography over the summer, where she is expected to reveal all about what happened between her and Linda.

The Eurovision winner has said there will "never be a reconciliation" with Twink as it was one of the worst experiences she has ever had.

Twink will also delve into details about her former marriage with musician David Agnew, who has gone on to have a baby with Ruth Hickey.

She previously said she had to write the book to meet her financial commitments and continue staying ahead in the battle to keep her beloved Knocklyon home.

"I put off the offer for years. It's a little matter of a costly divorce and trying to keep my house," she said.

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