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Will leprechaun film lead to crock of gold for Amy?

AMY Huberman is going for a crock of gold with her new movie.

The Hallmark film Chasing Leprechauns was released in the US to coincide with St Patrick's Day.

The TV movie was made specially for the Hallmark channel back in 2010.

Publicity photographs from the film show Amy and her leading man Adrian Pasdar (viewers will remember him from Heroes) posing at the Cliffs of Moher, horse-riding through green fields and dancing at a ceili.

American audiences are lapping up all things Irish and the film is expected to be a hit with the Irish diaspora in the US.

As TV programmers seek ideas for salacious reality shows and programmes with extraordinary special effects, the Hallmark Channel is stepping up production of more traditional family fare.

Despite the hackneyed concept of Irish themed films, they could prove to be a crock of gold for Amy and have already opened the door for roles across the Atlantic.

Pasdar plays the part of Michael Garrett, a New York corporate businessman, who desperately needs a holiday from his high-flying job.

However, his demanding boss has other ideas and sends Michael on an unusual assignment.

Michael is sent to a small town in Ireland to close a deal on a site that is believed to be inhabited by leprechauns.

And if this concept wasn't cringeworthy enough, Amy's takes on the character of the town's "resident leprechaun expert" and local pub owner Sarah Cavanagh.

Michael must find a way around the antiquated law considered legend in the town and discovers that Sarah truly believes the land is inhabited by leprechauns, and won't sign Michael's building permit.

Amy is shown in the trailer batting off the slick talking American's way. "For someone who is not from Ireland, you know how to talk a lot of blarney," Amy says.

Reviews from critics and viewers have been mixed. "I wonder if the actors in Hallmark's Chasing Leprechauns feel as humiliated about being in the movie as I do watching it," one viewer said.

But Amy will be laughing on the other side of the rainbow if it gives her a foothold on the feel-good movie ladder in Hollywood.