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Wiki pranksters describe shootout

WEB pranksters never miss a trick -- and they were poking fun just hours after it emerged that Sean FitzPatrick had been arrested by gardai.

The biography of the disgraced Anglo Irish boss was already amended on Wikipedia, which is open to editing by members of the public, just two hours after his arrest hit the news.

Between the hours of 10.30am and 1.30pm yesterday, FitzPatrick's entry was edited some 18 times.

One entry managed to stay on the site for a number of hours before moderators amended it.

However, it ended up being copied and pasted into emails -- with many in on the joke by yesterday evening.

The joke entry read: "On 18 March 2010, gardai arrested Sean FitzPatrick at his residence in Greystones, Co Wicklow. After a ten-minute gunfight, which saw FitzPatrick clamber to the roof of his family home shouting, 'Made it Ma, top of the world!', Garda negotiators enticed him down by announcing that 'a three-ball needs a fourth on the first tee at Druid's Glen'.

"Gardai threatening to 'Go Corrib', finally convinced FitzPatrick to co-operate. FitzPatrick was led away to a safe house in the K Club for intense interrogation."

Wikipedia is currently testing a new process called "flagged revisions", aimed at cutting down on problems with malicious changes.