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Wife who cooked husband stays in jail

A NEWLYWED who killed her husband and cooked his body parts in 1991 has been denied her second bid for parole.

Parole commissioners rejected Omaima Nelson's request for freedom following a hearing at the Central California Women's Facility, where she has been serving a life sentence.

Nelson was convicted of murdering her husband William Nelson (56) in a grotesque killing that authorities likened to the fictional Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs.

Nelson (43) told the hearing that she should be paroled because she has become a changed person and she wanted "to live the good life God meant." She claimed she was sorry, though she continued to say she killed in self-defence.

But the Board of Parole found that Nelson, a former model and nanny, continued to be a risk to society.


During the trial, Nelson told jurors that her husband of three weeks had sexually assaulted and beat her for weeks, including the Thanksgiving weekend when she killed him.

But prosecutors found evidence suggesting that Nelson killed her husband to obtain his money and other property.

Authorities said she tied him up, killed him and decapitated, dismembered and disembowelled the body over the course of the weekend, churning his parts through a garbage disposal.

The man's hands had been fried in oil and his head boiled and stuffed in a freezer, the trial heard. His lower body and torso were skinned.

Nelson sought help from friends to remove her husband's teeth and dispose of his body. One of them alerted police.