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Wife thought she would die as Sheen 'held knife to her throat'

Brooke Mueller, the wife of actor Charlie Sheen, feared for her life as the Hollywood star pinned her to their bed and put a knife to her throat during a Christmas Day argument last year, according to a newly released police report.

Last week, Sheen pleaded guilty to assaulting Mueller during the argument in Aspen, Colorado, and was ordered to serve 30 days in drug and alcohol rehabilitation in California. The police report details the extent to which Mueller was hurt and tells how Sheen, star of hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, reacted when being questioned by police.

The document, which was posted on websites, recounts how an early morning argument about a song Sheen sang to his daughter started the events that seemed to quickly spin out of control.

Mueller told police Sheen straddled her torso on their bed, placed a medium-sized pocket knife to her throat and his hand around her neck. She showed police red marks that one officer said "appeared consistent with a strangulation attempt".

"Mueller told me that she was afraid she was going to die at that moment, adding that she was unable to get up while Estevez' (Sheen's real name) other hand was around her throat and his weight on her torso," Aspen police officer Rick Magnuson wrote in the report.


The actor's wife also claimed Sheen had caused her to suffer a head injury two months earlier when he threw her to the ground "like a rag doll" in an unreported incident that took place in California.

Sheen claimed the Christmas Day argument was "predominantly verbal" and said he and Mueller had "slapped at each others hands or wrists". He denied having placed a knife near Mueller's throat or strangling her.

The actor did admit to a "huge fight" in California two months earlier and said he had grabbed Mueller by the wrist, causing her to fall and hit her head on a piece of furniture.

Sheen and Mueller both said she sought medical attention after the California argument. She told Aspen police that doctors characterised it as a "closed head injury".

Following the Christmas Day fight, Sheen was charged with felony menacing, misdemeanour third-degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

On August 2 in Aspen, after months of talks with prosecutors, Sheen pleaded guilty to third-degree assault, and the charges of felony menacing and criminal mischief were dropped

Along with 30 days in rehab, he was sentenced to three months' probation in which he cannot consume drugs or an excessive amount of alcohol. He also was ordered to take 36 hours of anger management classes.