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Wife says my love scenes are 'legal cheating' - Pierce

HE HAS filmed love scenes with some of the most beautiful actresses in the world, and now former Bond star Pierce Brosnan has revealed that his wife refers to it as "legal cheating".

The Irish-born actor has shared the big screen - and some steamy scenes - with Halle Berry, Salma Hayek (inset) and Denise Richards.

Brosnan (61) told US chat show host Conan O'Brien that his wife Kelly Shaye Smith teases him about it.

He said: "It's an honest living and good job if you can get it. My wife calls it legal cheating.

"She said it one night at a dinner party because someone said to my wife, 'How do you feel when you see your husband with all these women?'. That was her retort - legal cheating."

The Meath actor was modest when O'Brien told him he was "one of the suavest, best-looking stars I've ever seen", saying: "I think I just scrub up well for an Irishman. What can I say?"

Brosnan may have homes in Hawaii and Malibu, but he explained how his simple childhood in Navan was worlds away from his movie star career.


He said: "I grew up on the banks of the Boyne in Co Meath in southern Ireland a long time ago and I lived a very kind of simple country life."

The actor also made a funny and poignant tribute to his Mrs Doubtfire co-star Robin Williams, revealing the late actor's mischievous side.

"I was such a fan of this man's work and Sally Field. For me to get that job in that particular space of time was just sheer magic. We did a scene in the movie where my character chokes on a shrimp. His character hates my character because I'm with his wife.

"We did a sequence where we did a close up and they sent the kids away and he let it rip. So foul-mouthed and funny about Sally's character. I'm trying to say the lines. I'm trying to follow the script but he's going off to Pluto and back again. As a supporting actor you give the man his space. I kept to my text and he just danced around it.

"But he was a very generous, kind-hearted human being and it was a mighty blow."