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Wife-killer Lillis shops for cutlery before returning to his €285,000 cottage


Lillis enters his new home in Kilternan Photo: Padraig O'Reilly

Lillis enters his new home in Kilternan Photo: Padraig O'Reilly

Lillis enters his new home in Kilternan Photo: Padraig O'Reilly

Wife-killer Eamonn Lillis is enjoying his post-release freedom in south Dublin where he was spotted shopping over the weekend.

Lillis (58) was convicted of the manslaughter of Celine Cawley in 2008 after beating her to death with a brick.

The former TV advertising director is now living in a €285,000 cottage in the village of Kilternan, Co Dublin, after spending time in Southampton with his sister following his release from prison.

He was pictured shopping for cutlery and storage boxes over the weekend and driving a Limerick-registered Mini Cooper before returning to his home.

The cottage has a sophisticated security system, with a camera installed on the front door.

It has a large bedroom and a stone fireplace, but is relatively modest compared with the plush €1.5m Rowan Hill property in Howth, which he shared with Ms Cawley before he killed her.

It is believed he spent Christmas and the New Year with family in England before returning to Ireland.

Lillis was able to call on a €1.3m fund he acquired while serving his jail term in Wheatfield Prison.

The fund included the €425,000 share he received from the sale of the marital home and €385,000 from the winding down of the TV company Ms Cawley established.

Lillis was jailed for six years and 11 months in February 2010, but served just under five years and two months.

He killed his wife during a row at their house on Windgate Road in Howth in December 2008.

Lillis had originally claimed that an intruder, who fled through the back garden, had killed the glamorous former Bond girl.

However, gardai quickly established that there was no intruder.

During his 14-day trial, Lillis maintained he was not guilty.


He spouted a series of allegations, claiming that both he and Celine agreed to say they tackled a burglar to explain injuries they both received in the violent lethal row.

He also tried to stain his dead wife's character, saying Ms Cawley had labelled him a "bad father" and adding that she had abused him for not bringing in work for their company.