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Wife killer finds buyer for €2.7m Spanish hotel

WIFE killer Brian Kearney has found a buyer for the plush Spanish boutique he ran with Siobhan Kearney before murdering her in their Goatstown home.

Estate agents working on his behalf as he serves life behind bars are in talks with a potential buyer for the €2.75m Hotel Salvia in Majorca.

"We are in negotiations with a gentleman from Britain," confirmed a spokesperson for Engels and Volkers.

"A number of aspects are to be negotiated, including the price," they added.

Kearney's earnings from the property will be unknown because a mortgage on the hotel will have to be paid off. Half of the proceeds will then be put aside for Siobhan's estate.

Revenue sources have also said that Kearney will be liable for Capital Gains Tax both here and abroad, which will amount to 25pc of the profit he makes on the sale after debts and mortgages are taken into consideration.

The sale will make the caged killer one of the wealthiest convicts behind bars.

The business at the hotel was built up by Siobhan from nothing through her dedication and passion, and Kearney has been trying to offload it since his conviction.

It was advertised as "an exceptional townhouse" when it went on the market last July with an asking price of €3.3m. That price was later reduced to €2.7m.

Kearney is serving his time in Wheatfield Prison after being jailed for life for strangling his wife Siobhan to death at their home in Goatstown in February 2006.

Siobhan was strangled with the flex of a vacuum cleaner, and Kearney made attempts to pass her death off as a suicide.

The businessman's plan unravelled after an expert found she could not have taken her own life as the weight of her body would have snapped the flex.

Kearney (53) was jailed for life in March 2008 and last year lost an appeal against his conviction.

Prosecutors believe Kearney murdered Siobhan because she was planning to leave him, a development which would have placed him under considerable financial strain.