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Wife arrested after pensioner stabbed in domestic incident

A man in his 70s is in a serious condition in hospital today after being stabbed in the stomach during an apparent domestic incident in his Dublin home.

The attack happened on the quiet Monksfield Downs in Clondalkin at around 5.30pm yesterday. The man's wife, who is also in her 70s, was arrested at the scene.

Neighbours came to the rescue when the man, who was named locally as Bernard Moloney, was set upon in his back garden.

"One of the neighbours heard an argument going on and was concerned that it could flare up, so they looked over the wall to see what was happening," one local resident told the Herald.

"She said the woman was attacking the man with a toaster, hitting him on the head, and then she leaned in on him and they heard him shouting."

The neighbour shouted at the woman and told her to leave the man alone.

"The neighbour saw that he had blood down his front, and she told him to try to get out into the front garden and he crawled through the house," the resident on the street explained.

"Bernard managed to get through to the front garden and the neighbour brought a chair and towels, but the woman threatened to stab her, too.

"She was just standing at the door telling him to get up off the ground and using terrible language, and then the gardai and the ambulance arrived."

Neighbours say that there have been previous incidents at the house over many years and that the victim has had a microwave thrown at him before.

"It's a very sad situation, the gardai have been up here before," they said.

Gardai sealed off the scene today pending a forensic examination by members of the Garda Technical Bureau.


Blood stains could be seen on the path in front of the main door, and a chair, a bowl of discoloured water, a chair and bloodstained towels were also in the garden.

Ambulance personnel worked on Mr Moloney at the scene, stemming the flow of blood and placing monitors on his chest before transferring him to Tallaght Hospital.

A woman in her 70s was arrested and is being questioned at Ballyfermot garda station.

Locals say Mr Moloney is a quiet man who likes to walk his two dogs in the morning and buy his paper.

"He sometimes stops and sits at the bus stop to read the paper before he goes home. He's a lovely man," the residents said.

"He had a bad road accident years ago which left him with a bad leg, and I'm not sure if he was able to work after it.

"But they've been here for years and raised five children who have all gone on to start their own lives now," they added.