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Widower appeals for return of stolen jewellery holding wife's ashes


Keith and Lorraine

Keith and Lorraine

Keith Nolan is seeking the return of this sentimental jewellery

Keith Nolan is seeking the return of this sentimental jewellery


Keith and Lorraine

A grieving widower is urging people to keep a lookout for necklace containing the ashes of his late wife.

Keith Nolan is appealing for the return of a chain and capsule which is of important personal value and holds his late wife Lorraine's ashes and the ashes of their unborn baby.

Lorraine passed away in August 2014, when she was five months pregnant with the couple's third daughter.

Keith now cares for their two daughters aged five and 16.

The devastated father of two is urging people in his home town of Tramore, Co Waterford, to help reunite him with the sentimental piece of jewellery.

The chain and capsule was among the items stolen from his home on Wednesday evening.

The necklace had been left draped across a photo frame which contained a picture of his beloved wife Lorraine.

"I'm begging forĀ  everyone to share this post," Keith wrote online.

"What I'm afraid of if it was thrown somewhere. The one time I took it off me as I wear it everywhere.

"It's all I have left of her apart from the girls. If you know where it is or have found it can you please contact me."

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Keith directly via Facebook or email Laggeriam@hotmail.com