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Widow had €400 worth of cannabis at home

A WIDOW caught with €400 worth of cannabis at her home has been left without a conviction.

Mother-of-two Elizabeth Molyneaux (47) was caught disposing of the drugs when gardai arrived to arrest somebody else at the flat.

Judge Timothy Lucey dismissed a drugs charge under the Probation Act at Dublin District Court.

Molyneaux, of North William Street flats, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis on July 16, 2013.

A sale or supply charge was struck out.

The court heard gardai called for "another matter" when they saw the drugs being disposed of.


The defendant took responsibility for the drugs and the court heard she had no previous convictions of any kind.

"The circumstances are slightly unusual but she accepts responsibility," her solicitor said. "I am asking the court to read between the lines."

Judge Lucey said the accused should realise that if it happens again, she is in danger of being prosecuted for the more serious charge of sale and supply.

He said the amount seized was "not huge but it's bigger than what you would expect".

He applied the probation act.