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Wicklow leads in 'neighbours from hell' complaints

A TV show which focuses on warring neighbours has been overloaded with calls from Co Wicklow residents.

Mediators is a 10-episode Sky documentary series that will follow local community mediators as they help to resolve a variety of quarrels -- from unbearable noise to damage to property.

Two episodes of the Sky One reality programme are being filmed in Ireland, and so far, residents of the garden county have provided the vast majority of complaints against 'neighbours from hell'.

One issue which is quite typical of neighbour disputes concerns sewage.

A production team member told the Herald: "We're looking at a housing estate where sewage is piling up on the last house of a row of houses from the '60s.

"The sewer works are all ancient and so sewage is coming through the toilet of the last house and ruining the place.

"[The family living in that building] would like their neighbours to get together and to pay a part of the cost to fix the sewers as it's not just their house that is the problem, but some of them won't co-operate.

"We've also heard of this man who hears banging on the wall every night from next door from 10pm and less annoying issues like overhanging trees and branches over someone else's property," the source added.

The majority of disputes are caused by a lack of communication between residents and tend to occur in bigger cities.

Mediators, is produced by Maverick Television for Sky, the company behind such hit shows as How To Look Good Naked, 10 Years Younger and Embarrassing Bodies.

Applications from people with troublesome neighbours should be sent to mediators@mavericktv.co.uk.

The new series is expected to air on Sky One this summer.