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Why Kenny had to call ambulance for sick teen

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny personally intervened in the case of a sick teenger who needed an ambulance to be transferred from Beaumont Hospital to Mayo General Hospital (MGH).

The shocking state of ambulance services in the country was highlighted this week after Mr Kenny took it on himself to assist the 18-year-old.

As a result of the intervention, the Castlebar area was left "without adequate ambulance cover" for a period of time, a local councillor has claimed.

However, this has been disputed by a spokesperson for Mr Kenny who claims that cover was not affected as a result of the decision.

The patient underwent surgery in Beaumont last week to remove a tumour from his spine. However, when medics wished to transfer him back home to MGH they were told that no ambulance was available due to a lack of resources.


The ambulance service had told staff in Beaumont and local Mayo councillor Michael Kilcoyne that it would not be sending an empty ambulance for the teen and he would have to wait until a patient was being transferred to Dublin.

"Last Friday, after his operation, there was no question of him being able to take the train or travel by car. But they said there was no ambulance available and they wouldn't be sending an ambulance until they had a patient going to Dublin. They described it as a lack of resources," said Cllr Kilcoyne.

The Taoiseach intervened in the case after the patient's family contacted representatives for the Mayo politician.

Cllr Kilcoyne revealed that an empty ambulance was sent to Beaumont on Sunday to transfer the patient to MGH.

A spokesperson for Mr Kenny insisted that the Mayo area was left with sufficient ambulance cover and was not at any stage left without appropriate cover.

However, this is at odds with claims by Cllr Kilcoyne, who was told that the Castlebar area was left without adequate ambulance cover as a result.

He called on Enda Kenny to investigate how the county was being left without an adequate ambulance service.


"They told me that Castlebar was left without adequate ambulance cover on the Sunday.

"That kind of service is not good enough for the people here. I want this whole area investigated," he added.

The teenager has since been discharged from hospital and is recuperating at home.