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Why Karen likes to give the glam look a miss...

TV presenter Karen Koster is continuing to cut a glamorous figure, despite being nearly seven months pregnant.

But the Xpose co-anchor (33) has revealed that she has days when she's not into the high-glam look and yearns for a more low-key role.

"A lot of times when you don't see me on camera interviewing someone it's because I just haven't done my makeup, or barely put a brush through my hair," she said.


"So there are a lot of times you wish you could go into an office and sit at a computer for a few hours, but we're so lucky to do the job we do that you're never going to moan about it.

"But definitely I know when I first started the job, my hair took a bit of bashing because you're getting a blow-dry every day, plus you might get breakouts because you're wearing more make-up than normal.

"There are definitely some downsides to it, like things that might be a treat such as getting a blow-dry at weekends you just want to let your hair go greasy for a few days."

"I think all of us Xposé girls look very low-key when we're not on camera," she said.

The Killiney native (inset), who's due her first baby with hubby John McGuire in December, said she was so excited when she first found out she was pregnant, she ran out and bought maternity jeans straight away.

"I probably wear tighter clothing now than I did pre-pregnancy because I feel so proud of my bump," she said.

Asked for tips on looking stylish while expecting, she continued: "At this stage of the pregnancy I like wearing my skinny maternity jeans, a tight cami top or a long sleeve top and a Kimono or a cardigan.

"The blanket trend I think is going to be really good coming into winter. I like showing off my tummy much more now than I ever did before."

Karen plans to take about six months off after she the birth.