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Why half of all texters are begging GMAB!*

WE are a nation of texters – but text speak seems to be giving some of us a headache.

Terms like LOL (laugh out loud), l8r (later) and *GMAB (give me a break), are much loved by many texters, but leaves others scratching their heads in confusion.

A total of 64pc of us admit to using text speak, but half of us claim to dislike it, according to new research on behalf of mobile operator 02.

The research found that Irish people think that texting is important in certain circumstances, but nearly three quarters of us have received a text when we thought a call would have been better.

And overwhelming 86pc also said they have received a confusing text message.

The research found that when it comes to asking someone out, there is a clear generation gap with younger people preferring to text.

A whopping 76pc of 45 to 54-year-old prefer to make a phone call, rather than send a text, when asking someone to go on a date.

By contrast, 57pc of 18 to 24-year-old prefer to send a text. However, only five per cent of us would use social media to set up a date.

Actor Liar Nelson was the Irish person that people would most like to receive a call from polling 25pc, followed by television host Graham Norton (19pc), and Bono (9pc).

The research showed that a whopping 77pc of us would send a text rather than make a call to tell somebody that they were running late.

And women are more likely to send a text to change or cancel plans than men, with 53pc saying they would send a text compared to 42pc of men.