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Why good scents should travel around with you





"Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five," wrote Somerset Maugham in Of Human Bondage.

And for all our noble notions there is a simple truth in this. Vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch are all a part of the natural word, there for the taking - but the modern world we live in sometimes makes it difficult to exploit them.

Which is why I love essential oils: you fork out a few quid for them and they can instantly make a room or mood more beautiful, plus they lack that synthetic smell lots of candles have.

They are also entirely practical as they can help relieve stress, combat tiredness, induce sleep, improve mood, enhance wellbeing and much more.

Launched last year, Petalwell is a portable diffuser and range of natural essential oils - it's ideal for travel but is just as handy around the home.

It captures the healing qualities of natural aromatherapy without the inconvenience of a traditional oil burner.

Similar in size to a smartphone, it's fully rechargeable and comes with a power adaptor and USB. It packs easily into a handbag or briefcase and the clever design means there's nothing to spill or leak.


The idea of Petalwell came to fruition on a business trip when Carlow sisters Jacqueline Oglesby and Rachel Purcell decided to design a natural, portable aromatherapy diffuser using the world-class technology available to them in their father's factory, engineering firm Oglesby & Butler, which makes butane-powered hand tools.

Having spent their youth watching their father tinkering with products at the kitchen table, they were determined to create something that would bring balance and wellbeing to their lives as busy, working mothers.

They hope their product will now be used by business travellers and other tired people alike to create a calming environment so they can regain a sense of balance in their lives.

Designed and manufactured in Ireland, the Petalwell diffuser is priced at €75 and the six essential oil blends are priced at €25 each.

A Petalwell gift set (€95) is also available. It comprises the diffuser, a travel pouch and a bottle of the Petalwell Live blend.

It's an investment, but the ease with which you can use it, charge it and transport it means you get good mileage from it.

The Petalwell range is available to buy online at www.petalwell.com and in selected spas and boutiques