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Who's your paymaster, Mr Ogle?

Brendan Ogle, the trade union leader, who said his own well-paid union members were spoilt, is a bit more reluctant to comment on his own pay arrangements.

This man, who is prepared to see his members pull the plug on the country's power supply if there are moves to privatise the ESB, is remarkably private about some matters.

Mr Ogle, who came to national prominence when he led a series of train strikes a decade ago, is head of the ESB group of unions but refuses to say if the ESB pays his salary.

If he's prepared to speak about his union members' generous and privileged position in public, he should be happy to come clean about his own.

And while he's at it, Mr Ogle might like to explain his relationship with Eirigi, a militant organisation. whose conference he recently addressed.