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Who's the daddy? Baby joy for comic Bernard

RTE's Bernard O'Shea (34) has welcomed in a new addition to the family – a baby daughter named Olivia.

He and his wife Lorna are said to be over the moon after she gave birth to the tot yesterday.

The Republic of Telly co-presenter was absent from his early morning 2fm show Breakfast Republic that he co-presents Jennifer Maguire and Keith Walsh

And pal Jennifer has already Tweeted her delight at his new arrival: "Can't believe Bernard O'Shea is a daddy! That's mad."

The funnyman is now taking the rest of the week off as he enjoys some paternity leave and precious time to spend with his wife and their new baby. Jennifer and Keith will anchor the show without him.

A 2fm spokeswoman said: "Everyone is absolutely delighted with the news. It's a great start to a Monday morning. It's the first baby for the new schedule and everyone's thrilled for them."

Bernard has previously spoken about his wife's views of him working with lots of sexy models like Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde on the Republic of Telly programme.

But he freely admits that he's the "furthest thing" from a sex symbol that you could get and that Lorna never gets jealous of his co-stars.

"I'd say I've chatted up one woman in the past 10 years and that was my wife," he said.

"That's absolutely no word of a lie. She is always saying to me, 'When you come home in a really good mood I know you have worked with Georgia'.

"She knows that it's a character and I am playing the fool."

And he said that he couldn't do his job without her support.

Her said: "I would go back to my family and once you have that support then nothing matters, you'll be OK. I often drive Lorna mad by saying, 'We'll be grand. We'll just pitch a little tent at the side of the road and go and pick berries. It will be an adventure'.

"I think that wrecks her head. But once you are OK with the feeling that you don't care what happens and all you really need is your health and good people around you then that's it.

"But it took a lot of living in s****y bedsits to discover it."