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Who's that kissing Fair City's Paul? It's Derry Girls mammy Amelia


Amelia Crowley returns as Fiona, who tempts Paul

Amelia Crowley returns as Fiona, who tempts Paul

Amelia Crowley returns as Fiona, who tempts Paul

He is known as the resident lothario of Carrigstown and it seems love rat Paul Brennan is set to get a blast from the past on Fair City this weekend.

Tomorrow night on the RTE One soap will see the return of his old flame Fiona Piggott, who is returning to the city cobbles after an absence of 12 years.


Fiona is played by Amelia Crowley, who will be familiar to fans of Channel 4 hit Derry Girls as Michelle Mallon's mother, Deirdre Mallon.

Fiona had a dramatic time during her last sojourn in Carrigstown, falling in love with Paul behind the back of her businessman husband James Piggott, who was suffering from cancer.

The affair turned fatal when Fiona hastened her husband's death in order to prevent him cutting her off financially.

"James found out about the affair with Paul," said Amelia.

"And because of that, he was going to cut her out of the will, so she had to help him along his way to an early death. But she did love him and was very sad when she was suffocating him with a pillow...

"I don't want to say too much about why she's back, but she's managed to maintain a low profile, and a really nice life for herself through dodgy deals (and some legitimate ones) all over the globe.

"She's a really smart businesswoman, but she's back with some money that she needs to clean."

While Fiona initially plans to enjoy a brief stay in Carrigstown to get what she wants before making her escape once again, Amelia said she gets more than she bargains for.

Passion flares again between the former lovers, despite 12 years having passed since their illicit affair.

"I think she anticipated coming in, getting what she needed and going, but what she forgot was that she was passionate about Paul once," said Amelia.

"When she realises there may be an emotional connection with Paul again, it all falls apart for her."

Amelia added that she was "excited and nervous" to be back as part of the Fair City team.