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Who owns lost Stevie Wonder, the blind terrier?

A COUPLE who found a blind stray dog three weeks ago are appealing for his owners to come forward.

Charlie and Mary O'Henley, from Newbridge, Co Kildare, were out walking when they found the gorgeous terrier in the middle of the road.

The couple have nicknamed the seven-year-old terrier Stevie Wonder because he is partially blind, and while they've been caring for him since he was found, they desperately want the real owner to come forward.

Mary told the Herald: "We found the dog on March 2, in Newbridge, and we have put up posters, contacted vets, gardai and put up a church notice but to no avail."


The couple fear that the dog may have travelled a long distance before they found him in Newbridge, and they now suspect the owner is from outside the town.

Mary said: "We found him at about 6.45pm so it was getting dark, and we saw him sitting in the middle of the road. We left him for about 40 minutes but then when we came back he hadn't moved.

"He was very weak so he hadn't eaten in a while and he was limping as well so we thought he'd been hit by a car."

Mary and Charlie have also noticed that Stevie is blind in one eye and they hope this distinguishing feature will help them find his owner.


"We don't want to send him to a pound because he might not be rehomed then.

"And we're away a lot so we wouldn't be able to take care of him."

Stevie is a very placid pet according to the couple, and he's been well trained and cared for, so they assume the owners have been missing him.

"He didn't look neglected. We took him over to a friend's house who has kids, and he didn't give them any more attention than anyone else, so maybe he's used to adults," said Charlie.

Stevie is a brown mixed terrier with a white star on his chest. More details are available from the Herald.