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Who killed my dad? Grieving daughter Orla makes appeal

GARDAI are examining if the savage murder a 60-year-old man was ordered by someone who had a deep personal grudge against him.

Officers have renewed their appeal about the violent murder of Michael Gallagher, who was stabbed to death at his home in Tymonville Road, Tallaght, shortly after 10pm on January 18, 2007.

His daughter Orla said: "That your own flesh and blood could be killed the way he was killed. It's just horrific, you know, to think of that everyday, of somebody being killed like that."

" To think that five years has passed and nobody has been brought to justice. You know, it's just hard that they haven't been," she added.

Investigations into the murder are very much active and a number of lines are enquiry are being pursued.

A source said: "The frenzied nature of this murder means that it was not a case of mistaken identity and the victim was the intended target even though he had no links to crime. A lot of work still needs to be done on this investigation."

A painter and decorator who is described as "a big strong man", Mr Gallagher was watching television in the home he shared with his partner Sally Rogers when two men called to the front door.

When Ms Rogers opened the door she was pushed aside by the two men. One of them had a knife and the other was carrying a hammer.

The two men rushed at Mr Gallagher, chasing him into the kitchen where they stabbed him repeatedly. They then fled the scene. They were seen on the roadway near the house shortly after the incident but were never traced.


Gardai say that the killers -- who wore ski masks -- had an umbrella with them on the night and are appealing for anyone who may have seen two men matching this description in the local area to contact them.

Mr Gallagher was struck several times in the chest and also sustained stab wounds to several other parts of his body. One of the blows was to his heart.

He later died from his wounds at nearby Tallaght Hospital. Last night Mr Gallagher's daughter Orla, from a previous relationship, said in an RTE interview: "If he had died of a heart attack or something like that, it would have been natural causes and we would have grieved in our own ways, but it's the manner in which he died, in such a vicious way.

"My childhood, I always remember him as being a very hardworking man, he would work every hour that God would send. It's very hard to think that a man that worked so hard in his life, that his life ended so suddenly, in such a tragic way."