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Whiskey tradition gets a new lease of life at Palace

A well-known Dublin watering hole has revived the tradition of having its own bottle whiskey.

The Palace Bar on Fleet Street is launching its Palace Bar Nine Year-Old Single Cask Whiskey this week, as a response to the growing demand for Irish whiskeys globally.

Pub owner Willie Aherne, said: "My grandfather bought this pub in 1946 and it was traditional for pubs to have their own brand. All pubs did their own whiskey in those days.

"But it's a thing that died down. It went from over 200 whiskeys in Ireland in the 1900s to just around four distilleries in the 1940s. I was blown away by that so over the last year I've worked on developing a whiskey.

"There's a huge re-emergence of Irish whiskey going on in America -- it's the fastest growing spirit in the States. And we've built up our own Irish whiskey collection to about 100 whiskeys."

The whiskey launch takes place on Thursday, August 18 from 8pm, and the Johnny Cash tribute band Walk The Line will provide entertainment.